Work frustrations 😞 has anyone started their own recruitment business? I’d love some advice. More in comments : Recruitment

Hey recruitment friends, hope you’re all keeping well and making placements 😏 haha jk. All joking aside, I currently work indirectly for one of the top global tech companies through a 3rd party business (I’m not naming the company I am directly employed for, or the company I’m embedded within). My employer employs me, and then contracts me out to another company where I am fully embedded in their team, I work full time for them. The client pays my employer a day rate for me. I’ve been with this company just over 12 months and have done exceptionally well without blowing my own trumpet. I matched the company record for the most sourced hires within a given Q, have massively helped the organisation within the business that I am supporting to grow, and above all, the end client are SUPER happy with me and my performance. I actually had a message on slack from the clients team manager last week just stating how glad he is to have me on the team because of the work I do and how good I am with people.

Despite my success here, I’ve only been in recruitment just over 2 years. My current employer promised me a pay rise over 4 months ago (I’m currently on 22k gbp annually) for reaching the company record of hires in a quarter, but that never came. Last week, I reached my 1 year anniversary with my employer where I was then given a pay rise up to 25k taking effect from next month. Please bare in mind I was promised this in March and nothing came about it, I wanted to speak out about it but thought due to the global climate, it wasn’t the right time even though my employer is still earning the same money from our client. It can’t have been covid getting in the way of it as we operate by a day rate which we charge the end client and we continued to work normally through the pandemic remotely. On top of my salary, I also get a monthly bonus which I have hit month in, month out since joining. When I joined I was told this bonus was effort based, so theoretically I could make no placements in a month but as I still done all I could do from my side, I would still receive my target.

Today is pay day and I’m due my bonus which is paid quarterly when I noticed I wasn’t paid any of my bonus despite me working my socks off over the past quarter as I always have done. I reached out to my manager and was told that I didn’t receive the bonus because I didn’t hit my targets, he then went on to say “I should have given you a heads up, my bad”. He says moving forward the bonuses will be paid on feedback from the client. The extremely frustrating thing is, I know for a fact that who I report into on the clients side had a conversation with my employer a couple of weeks ago saying how great I’m doing and how happy he is with me and my performance, yet I still don’t get paid my bonus.

Essentially, I feel massively under valued and under paid which is a shit feeling when I’ve genuinely worked so hard over the past year especially over the last few months with remote working through corona virus. It almost feels as if I’ve been given a small pay rise (4 months late) and they’ve then made it harder for me to reach my targets for areas totally out of my control. I’m already massively underpaid for what I do and the quality I provide. It’s just a shitty feeling being undervalued and I don’t see how it will get better so thinking a out other options.

Has anyone been in a similar situation? How did you go around it? I’d love to start my own business or to contract myself directly with businesses but want to hear other people’s input. I really appreciate any feedback. Thank you!!

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