Why Workers-Direct?

  1. Easy and Cost Effective way of Recruitment: Workers Direct offers an easy and cost effective recruitment agency to its clients. Our consultants are highly motivated and will work ceaselessly to find the right candidate for the client’s stated specifications. All it takes is a phone call or an email with detailed specifications of the job and what the candidate should have. The consultants will take a look at our extensive database and find a match there. This is done at no additional cost to the client. If no match is found we will advertise on the internet as well as the relevant print media to find the right person for the job. This too is at no extra cost to the client. We may even resort to headhunting for higher level positions if necessary – again at no extra cost. Workers Direct does the work while the client can sit back and relax, trusting us to produce a suitable candidate in record time.
  2. Professional and Dedicated Recruitment Team: Our team of consultants is one of dedication and professionalism. They are all highly qualified in the field of recruitment and have the experience to deal with even the most demanding job specification. The consultants work hard to facilitate the meeting between client and candidate and will do regular check-ups with both to make sure that the placement was successful. Even when a placement doesn’t work out, the consultant will make sure that there is an amicable end to the relationship between the client and the candidate. Despite the challenges of keeping relationships pleasant and agreeable when there is tension between client and candidate, our consultants are trained to facilitate and moderate discussion to reach common ground and have solid relationships intact at the end.
  3. Fill any vacancy on short notice: Our consultants are also known for their speedy response to a client’s request to fill a position. They will keep the client up-to-date with the progress of the job spec and will provide a shortlist of potential candidates within three days of receiving the job spec. The time is of course even shorter if the client needs a temporary or interim candidate. Workers Direct is proud on being able to say that we can fill any vacancy on short notice.
  4. Recruit Employee for Temporary, Interim and Ad-hoc positions: One of the specialities of Workers Direct is being able to recruit an employee for any position – whether it’s on a temporary, interim or ad hoc basis. We have an extensive database of potential candidates ready, willing and able to step into a position at very short notice. Some are only willing to work for a short time; others are willing to take on longer term assignments.If we are unable to find somebody on our database, we will recruit the right person for the job from other sources. We don’t just provide a service, we provide solutions.
  5. We use social networks and online job boards for recruitment: Although we have an extensive database with top quality candidates, it may happen that we need to recruit from outside. For these purposes we use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to advertise the positions. We also use available and relevant job boards on the internet to find the right person for the job. This high-tech approach will ensure that we find the candidate most suited for the position. In the process we also upgrade our database so that we have candidates available should a similar position become available.
  6. Large database of candidates: Workers Direct has a large database of candidates that we update with every recruitment drive that we have. These candidates come from advertisements in print media and internet based media such as social networks and job boards. This database is ‘cleaned out’ every six months to ensure that we only have ‘active’ candidates. ‘Active’ candidates are ones that are still in the job market and are ready, willing and able to take up a position on short notice. In this way we can guarantee a short turnaround on submitted job specs.