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Embracing new Recruitment Strategies


Social Network Recruitment

Social Networks

As recruiters we realise that print media is no longer the best way to recruit the best candidates. This is why we are active on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We invite potential candidates to engage with us on these platforms and then encourage them to register on our database. We also post new positions onto our sites and thus attract more interest and candidates. This, in turn, helps us find the perfect candidate for our clients.

Mobile Apps

Just as we use social networks to promote our company and recruit candidates, we also have mobile apps that candidates can use to register with our company. Clients are also able to connect to our services remotely by using the easy-to-use apps. Our response time is live and instant. We will help you no matter how you get hold of us.

Job sites and Online media

In addition to the high-tech solutions that we use, we also still advertise on all the popular job sites and online media pages. This is a good alternative to print media and more far reaching. It is a solid recruitment strategy that has brought many quality candidates to our database – ready to get to work for one of our clients.

Print Media

Despite the fact that technology is starting to take over the marketplace, there still are people with no access to computers or who do not surf the net looking for work. This is why we still employ print media as a recruitment and advertising medium. We are still getting many quality candidates from print media- especially candidates who were not previously looking for work. This is a medium that will stay with us for a long time.