Self Pity Post; Need a Pick-Me-Up

First the virus completely obliterates our industry, makes us mostly useless. So I use that as an excuse to slack off for months while waiting to see what happens….

Then as I feel like things are slowly picking back up, BOOM. History-making worldwide protests around the world… quite literally burning cities down.

Not sure if that's affecting business, but I nabbed 3 new reqs last week and submitted candidates on Friday… come this week, no responses, no feedback. Ghost town. Back at square 1.

This sucks. Anybody can relate? Anybody doing really well? Advice, insights? To be fair, I am not putting any real work in to find clients, but feel like it's almost a waste to do so. Why the hell am I so bearish about a business that's brought me so much success? This is so weird.

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