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Most important recruitment tools Hi,

In this trending recruitment & career opportunity world, recruiters are missing some important recruitment tools to use which can make recruitmemt process easier & effective. The two important tools are SMS & LinkedIn. Though we are using various Lattest tops to attract more pools of suitable candidates at the same time we are missing use of basic tools lie SMS sending to suitable candidates, reason being this can be easily accessible and has more effective reach results with 100% read and acknowledgement by job seekers. In this advanced & competitive world we still have some percentage of population those who are not using enternet connection or in some cases due to network problem email can’t be accessed all the time. SMS is the only way we can make sure that our vacancy information is conveyed to the job seekers.

Now our another important tool to use is a very popular social media platform which is linked in where we can post our job openings requirements and close our vacant positions. This is the platform where we can grow our network with not only job seekers but also with companies.

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