Recruitment Solutions

Temporary & Permanent Recruitment Solutions

Our motto is that we provide our clients with solutions – not just a service. With this in mind, we offer the best temporary and permanent recruitment solutions in the industry. All we require from our clients is a detailed brief of what is required and we will search our database, advertise and headhunt the right person for the job. It will be our mission to find the person that you need by all means available.

Having said that, this solution doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Our fees are very competitive and we are always willing to negotiate depending on the amount of work the client gives us.

It is our pleasure to serve our clients as well as our candidates. Happy clients mean that we’ve done our job well. Happy candidates mean that we will have somebody to call on the next time a client asks for this particular skill set.

We provide solutions – not just a service! 

Choosing the right recruitment company can be an agonising decision. Recruitment is a huge expense in the HR budget and it has to yield desirable results immediately.

Staffing Agency

Right Candidate for the right job

Once the client gives us a comprehensive brief on the requirements of the job and the person specifications for the ideal candidate, we jump into action to find the right person. We have a huge database of available candidates and that is our first port of call. In the highly unlikely event that there is nobody suitable in the database, we will then advertise the position and do the initial screening interviews on behalf of the client. From that we will compile a shortlist of 3 – 5 possible candidates and the client can then interview them to identify the right person.

Quick Response

Workers Direct is known for its quick response to a client’s request for an employee – whether that employee is permanent or temporary. Our database is extensive enough to provide us with suitable candidates without having to go through the conventional recruitment process. Only if we don’t have somebody suitable in the database, will we revert to recruitment. However: All requests from clients are answered within a couple of hours and we aim to provide the client with a candidate within days of the request. If we don’t meet the client’s stated expectations, we will provide the client with a discounted fee.

Cost Effective

Our price structure is very competitive. In addition to that, you know exactly what you’re paying for and what will be discounted should we not meet the client’s expectations. Prices are negotiated in advance and the client’s expectations are recorded to prevent misunderstanding. We don’t charge for unnecessary expenses and the client will find that the candidate placed in his / her company is well worth the fee that we charge.

Big pool of candidates

We have an extensive database of potential candidates who are ready, willing and able to take up a job or an assignment on short notice. The database is regularly reviewed to make sure that there aren’t candidates in there that have already been placed or have removed themselves from the database for whatever reason. This keeps the database current and updated which, in turn, helps us to respond quickly to a client’s request.

The latest trends in recruitment

At Workers Direct we stay in touch with all the latest trends in recruitment. This helps us keep our database relevant and searchable. We have live pages on our website where candidates can register their CVs directly onto our database. Once registered, we do a screening interview either in person or over Skype. We also visit recruitment exhibits and attract potential candidates through our presentation of the company. Another trend that is quite popular is using search engines on the web that will produce a candidate very quickly if we need them.


Workers Direct offers a highly competitive guarantee. Because we are focused on providing solutions and not just a service, our guarantee states that should our candidate leave the client’s employ within 3 months of the start of the job / assignment AND the placement fee has been paid in full, we will replace him / her free of charge. We will do three replacements. Should the relationship between the client and the candidate(s) still not work out and we have exhausted all replacement options, we will refund the placement fee in full. This guarantee does not include instances where a candidate is dismissed for whatever reason.