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Hi guys

I have worked in recruitment for just less than a year. The first 9 months were for a contract role company, the last three were for a (much better) permanent recruitment company. I focus solely on roles in the software development market.

The question I have are to do with business development or ‘marketing’ (whatever you want to call it)

I have been there three months (two technically as was on furlough for a full month) and I have had three jobs on and placed in a techy software company. I got a good fee but I want to know how I can realistically pick up more jobs and what the best practise is, as although I got three jobs on, I feel that it was more luck/being present than what I actually said.

The market is defiantly slower right now, there is no doubt. But since these three jobs, I have picked up nothing else. I have sent creative emails, rung companies to introduce myself and candidates, sent lots of content that could be useful to companies (remote working, onboarding during the pandemic etc) I’ve connected to lots of leaders and sent them messages. These are (what I think anyway) good, articulate messages that aren’t too ‘salesy’ yet, no exaggeration, I am getting possibly a 5% return rate on my emails/calls/LinkedIn messages, if that. And these messages I do receive are always either not recruiting, PSL, etc basically go away.

What do other recruiters have that I don’t? What are they saying/doing I’m missing out on? I feel like I’m going beyond and above and pushing through and I know its featured, tough market! But at this point, I feel it must be me doing something wrong.

Can anyone explain to me their pipeline? How they consistently generate new business in recruitment?


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