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Looking for workers

Temp Solution

When you’re looking for a worker, you may find that hiring a temp for a period of time before you make an appointment may be very beneficial to your company. A temp agency such as Workers Direct is able to provide you with candidates as a temp solution for your workforce strategy. This means that we have a database of potential candidates that may meet your criteria that we can place in your workplace almost immediately.

Permanent Staff Recruitment

When you are ready to employ somebody on a full-time basis, Workers Direct can do permanent staff recruitment for you. We can advertise the position, receive CVs and do screening for you. Once we’ve created a shortlist of candidates, we will present you with our recommendations so that you can make an informed decision. All the candidates will be on our database in case you want to look further than the shortlist. The decision will always lie with you.

Extra and Seasonal Staff

In many industries there are periods in the month and the year when extra and seasonal staff is needed. Working from our database, Workers Direct an extra staff agency can provide you with the staff that you need – whether it’s on a seasonal basis or just extra staff to help with e.g. stock take etc. Seasonal staff that work during holiday periods etc. stay on our books and (if there is positive feedback from the employer) will be used again the following season. The same terms and conditions that are valid for temp staff will be applicable here.


There may come a time when a project falls outside of your organisation’s scope of business or expertise. This is when you need to look at outsourcing  the project to a person or company that can provide you with the expertise that you need.

Workers Direct is also in the position to provide you with a database of consultants, companies and individuals who may be able to meet your requirements. The only requirement here is that you give us a comprehensive brief on what you need and we will find the most appropriate solution for you.