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OK, so apologies if this post comes across as really dumb in any way, I had an idea, and want to make sure it's even achievable before I start, and that I don't do anything controversial/illegal.

I work in the UK archaeology sector, which has a lot of staff at the 'site assistant' level (i.e they are archaeologists working on sites) who work on short-term contracts, and move from position to position with different companies. I have identified that there is an absence of an 'agency' to handle these guys, and thought about setting something up, especially as in the wake of COVID19 the need for work is higher than ever.

My queries really are as follows: * if I set up a website, with a form for the applicant to fill in with details of experience etc, can I charge them for filling this CV in? I should point out that this is not what I wish to do at the start – I want it to be free – but it may need to be a fee-based service after say 6 months to cover overheads (I don't know, I'm guessing….). I've seen online that it is illegal to charge anything for submitting a CV, but this is for a different modelt to what I'm producing (I think, anyway) * Can I charge companies for access to potential candidates, at (say) £10 per applicant – so, company says I need XX staff for a site in Y, I provide them with XX staff at £10 a CV, after having sifted these for their requirements. Again, I presume charging is fine…I would recommend buying more CVs if the company wanted 5, I would suggest by 10 and sift. * to what extent do I need to secure the applicant data (I am confident it will be, and can have a cut-off point for deletion) * could I handle payments (initially) with say Paypal, and then if it is successful move to a proper bank account? Do I need to be VAT registered to do this, or even a registered company?

There's probably a lot more but this is what I thought of initially. I know this would be a good idea, just not sure of the legal ramifications!


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