How many offers and finalized placements would you expect a trainee to manage in their first 3 months to be considered successful in their role? (excluding current crisis or other general low points in the industry) : Recruitment

In your experience (edit: the sector your operate in, would appreciate it if you mention the industry you work within) how much do trainees accomplish in their first 3 to 4 months in the role (it can be your own case or of colleagues)? In the case of those considered to be doing very well in the beginning, the top achievers, how many interviews do they set up for candidates, offers received, candidates placed in their first 3-4 months on the role? Any insight would be appreciated. I am aware that many agencies do not have an expectation for many placements in the first few weeks/months, however I am interested in some examples of output from successful trainees. Thank you.

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