Challenges of recruitment industry : Recruitment

Three challenges in recruitment industry need to overcome There are many challenges which are faced by recruiters these days. These challenges are faced by both kind of recruiters whether they are from any reason recruitment agency or from any company for inhouse recruitment.

The main three challenges are as mentioned below : 1 no turn up or poor turn ups of scheduled candidates. Their can be a numerous reasons for this like not approaching right candidates, not approaching good numbers of candidates ,City transport strike or the day is a holiday on the calender, insufficient job description or company information provided to the candidates and many more reasons. So before lining up candidates recruiters need to insure above mentioned points to make the recruiting process a success.

2 less & very poor numbers of clientele . This is especially for recruitment agencies struggling for getting new clients. This will not only bring limited funds & resources to recruitment agencies but will bring demotivation to recruiters. This may be due improper ways of approaching a client, approaching less clients resulting in less meetings and limited results. This can also be due to lack of marketing of a recruitment agency.

3 poor database and pool of candidates . Threre are recruiting agencies which don’t much believe in investing much for job portals and various means of attracting candidates like newspaper adds, modern gadgets required for recruitment . Various sources have proved that investment on right job portals and recruiting gadgets bring success to these agencies.

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