Care Workers

Care Staff Agency London

In London and, in fact, the whole of the UK there are many carer agencies. This is because there is a high demand for competent, trained and experienced care staff.

Care Staff Agency

As a care staff agency, Workers Direct is able to provide suitable agency care workers to clients. Off course it’s always better to make use of an agency carer because it makes recruitment and labour issues processes easier. Agency will do all recruitment, screening and selection of the carer, leaving clients free to take care of the charge until a carer is appointed.

Usually the agency will also take responsibility for paying the carer, as well as all legislated taxes and other fees. Once again it leaves our client free to take care of the charge.

Care Staffing

Carers are very carefully selected. They have to have the legislated qualifications and be up-to-date with their annual refresher courses. In addition to this, they must have caring experience and be skilled in taking care of vulnerable people of various age groups.

Our Carers

This is Workers Direct’s mission: Finding the right carer for the charge. In order to do this, we will need a detail brief of requirements of the charge and how demanding the position may become. We will then find a selection of suitable carer for client. Once carer is chosen, conditions of placement are negotiated and a contract is drafted between the agency and the client. The carer will have existing contract with agency and is therefore automatically included in the agency – client contract.

Workers Direct has a replacement policy. Should the relationship between carer and client not work out, we will replace the carer free of charge. If no-one suitable is found, we will then adhere to our money-back guarantee.