A question that’ll piss you guys off… : Recruitment

Hi guys, sorry this is going to annoy you but i’m asking where i stand in the situation. Essentially i’m not a recruiter, I was dealing with them though during my period recently out of work. I have since joined a company and everythings fine, except I applied for this firm directly which isn’t an issue right? I noticed its a company 2months previously I gave a recruitment company rights to represent me for. The recruiter said they’ll get my info over when a role appears but it seems like they may have never done it as this process i completed was off my own application.

Now i don’t want to update my linkedin etc as i think i may end up with some sort of legal issues or lose my job that I got it was genuine mistake and i’d forgot about speaking to the recruiter as he never progressed so it hi the back of my mind…

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