Corporate & Commercial


Corporate and Commercial Staffing Solutions

In a busy office there can be no room for absenteeism. Every worker has specific duties and need to be on their posts in order for the business to run smoothly. If there is an absence, however, you need to fill this gap as soon as possible. Workers Direct has the solution. We have a database of office temps that are ready, willing and able to start immediately. They’re skilled and experienced and can take up any normal duties without a problem. Of course they will have to be taught any business specific jobs. This also goes for those periods when your business is so busy that your office personnel are overwhelmed. We will provide you with the right office temps to pick up the slack for you.

IT Professionals

Good IT professionals are difficult to find. It’s a problem if you suddenly need one or if you have to replace one on your permanent staff. Workers Direct’s database has many IT professionals that are ready to start a job on short notice. Our consultants screen them thoroughly for qualifications, skills and experience. They are only admitted onto the database if they are good quality candidates. We also continuously recruit for IT professionals in order to keep the database current and to replace those candidates who have found jobs.

Admin and Accounting Staff

As with office temps, admin staff is indispensable to the business. Accounting staff are also in high demand and difficult to find. At Workers Direct we use our database to find the most suitable candidates for the positions available. They are screened for their qualifications, skills and experience. Only suitable candidates will be presented to the client to choose from. We keep our database up-to-date, adding new candidates on a daily basis and removing those who have found jobs. This way we ensure a speedy response to a job spec. We don’t only focus on service, we also concentrate on solutions.

Cleaning and General Helpers

Cleaning and general helpers are often overlooked as employees – until the office isn’t cleaned. Workers Direct can provide cleaning staff within hours of receiving the job spec. General workers don’t need specific qualifications and are therefore readily available to do the work. We have a database of contactable cleaning and general helpers and will happily recommend them to our clients.